International Education Resources in Connecticut

Hosted by the George R. Muirhead Center for International Education

University of Connecticut

For specific information regarding program requirements/restrictions, other opportunities, or additional details, please contact:

Office of Global Affairs
Daniel Weiner, Vice Provost for Global Affairs
(860) 486-3152

Elizabeth Mahan, Executive Director
(860) 486-2908

Study Abroad
Kevin Brennan, Director

Dorothea Hast, Assistant Director
(860) 486-3609

Summer Spaderna, Assistant Director
(860) 486-3260

Carolyn Golden, Program Assistant
(860) 486-4406

International Center
Robert Chudy, Director
(860) 486-3855

Immigration Services
Mihwa Lee, Director
(860) 486-3855

Arthur Galinat, Internatinal Advisor / SEVIS Coordinator
(860) 486-3855

English Language Programs
Kristi Newgarden, Director
University of Connecticut American English Language Institute (UCAELI)
(860) 486-2127